How to Plan A Romantic Getaway

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by Sarah Stefanson

Whether you’ve been a couple for ages and need a break to reconnect or it’s your first weekend away together, when you plan a romantic getaway you must remember that it requires some research, effort and enthusiasm. Arranging a trip for just you and your girl can be a relaxing respite from your daily lives, it can help you spend some quality time with your partner and it can even make your post-vacation relationship better. That is, if you pull it off properly, which is why you need to carefully plan a romantic getaway. Here is what you need to know about how to plan a romantic getaway.

Set a budget when you plan a romantic getaway

When you plan a romantic getaway, the first step is to set a budget — in terms of both money and time.

Some basics for you to consider: Figure out how long both of you can be away from work and other responsibilities. Don’t forget to take the time it will take to travel to your destination into account. You don’t have to take two weeks to head to a tropical paradise. Even a weekend getaway at a country B&B can be remarkably relaxing.

With regards to your financial budget, there’s no need to spend a fortune to have a successful romantic getaway. If, however, you do have some extra money, using it to create a memorable escape for you and your girl is a great idea.

Choose a special location when you plan a romantic getaway

The location for your getaway will depend largely on your budget. If you only have a weekend to devote to your trip, you are obviously not going to travel very far from home. Staying at a B&B is a pretty reliable choice since these places are designed for privacy and romance. Choosing a chain hotel may save you money, but you might find your romance interrupted by the team of giggling high school volleyball players staying next door. Again, don’t forget to factor in travel time; if it takes eight hours by car to get to your destination, you’re not only risking both of you being very grumpy by the time you get there, but you’re also seriously cutting into vacation time.

Once you’ve chosen where you will stay, do some research on restaurants and attractions in the area. Don’t be afraid to go with a cliched romantic destination like Niagara Falls or Napa Valley for a wine tour, but look into out-of-the-way places too.

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Incorporate extra touches when you plan a romantic getaway

It’s the little things you plan for your romantic getaway that your girl will really notice and appreciate. When packing your bags, throw in some items, like massage oils, that will contribute to the romantic mood of the trip. Request a special table at a restaurant or research the most picturesque spot to take a walk. Also, try to make one of the special details you include be a significant reminder of your history together. Maybe you could order a bottle of the same kind of wine that you drank on your first date or bring along a CD of the band you listened to together when your relationship was brand new.

Be flexible when you plan a romantic getaway

When it comes to a romantic getaway, having a plan is important, but it’s also good to allow some flexibility so you don’t get disappointed when your arrangements don’t go exactly as planned. Inevitably, something will go wrong, but instead of getting bent out of shape about the waiter bumping her wine glass over or the carriage ride you booked being late, you should just take it in stride and do whatever is needed to fix the situation. If you get stressed, uptight or angry, it will definitely kill the romantic mood.

It’s OK to be cheesy when you plan a romantic getaway

As a man, romance may not be on the top of your priority list when it comes to taking a holiday, but your girlfriend will definitely appreciate the effort you put into making the trip special. Since you’ll be away from everyone and everything you know, you can risk getting a little mushy with her without worrying about being embarrassed or shy. Give your careful manly aloofness a break and indulge in the romance between you and your girl. Don’t be afraid to try out the cheesy stuff. You may think the romantic cliches have been done to death, but there’s a reason they are the old standbys: They are classic and women pretty much always appreciate them. If she laughs while you’re serenading her in the park, you’re putting a smile on her face and that’s what romance is all about.

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Hopefully we’ve inspired you to plan a romantic getaway or we’ve helped you in your current plans. Remember that the point of a romantic getaway is to enhance your relationship and to strengthen the bond between the two of you. Yes, you can have planned outings, but consider her interests and consider how they are “couple friendly.”