5 Tips for Planning a Surprise Party

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Surprise parties are increasing in popularity. So much so that sometimes guests assume a party is a surprise even when it isn’t! This can often lead to confusion so whether you’re hosting a surprise birthday party or a surprise bridal shower, here are some tips to get you started so you make sure the surprise stays a surprise!


  • Make sure to tell people on the invitation that the event is a surprise party. Punchbowl offers free online invitations specifically designed for surprise parties to help make it obvious to your guests to keep their lips sealed.
  • Specify the start time on your invitation and make it clear that this is the time that you want guests to arrive—it should be at least 30 minutes before you expect the guest of honor to arrive.
  • Get an accomplice to plan a “fake” activity with the guest of honor. This not only throws them off the scent, but now you know that the honoree will be available that day to have their surprise sprung. You can even let a few other guests in on the fake plans to help make it more realistic.
  • Make sure the guest of honor is doing an activity in which they are dressed appropriately for the surprise party. Ultimately, the party is for them so you want them to feel their best infront of their friends and family.
  • Enjoy and have fun. You can’t control everyone so someone might slip up but if you follow the steps above you’ll minimize the chances of having the surprise ruined.

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