“Are you Mary?”

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“Are you Mary?”

I am often asked, “Are you Mary?” My short answer to that is, “No, but

we thought enough of her to keep her name when we bought this place

over 25 years ago.” Mary Licos, who opened Mary’s Restaurant in 1980,

died this week. We knew she had recently moved to the upper

northwest part of the country to be closer to family, but were sad to

hear this news. We still have many customers whose love for the place

started over thirty-five years ago, when Mary and her mother “YaYa”

first opened their door. There are so many interesting stories of those

days, and we never tire of hearing them. David started working here

five years before he decided to purchase the place, so he has fond

memories of Mary as well. An era has ended, but we like to think that

as long as “Mary’s Restaurant” stands, and continues to be the place

where folks love to celebrate their birthdays, anniversaries, and any of

life’s grander moments, then she will live on. Cheers, Mary! We are so

fortunate to be continuing what you started!