Perfect Gifts for the Perfect Hostess

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Saying thank you for someone’s hospitality can be a challenge. Here are a few elegant yet affordable ideas for hostess gifts that anyone will appreciate.

Thanking someone for her hospitality is a great gesture, but it can be a challenge to figure out what to bring as a gift. Before you’re invited to another dinner party or housewarming, make a point to check out this list of elegant and affordable ways to show your gratitude.


Spend a few extra dollars on a nice bottle of wine to show your appreciation for your host’s hospitality. Wrap in a simple wine bag, or add a ribbon to the stem for an elegant present.

A custom playlist

Share a few classic and current favorites with your hosts. Aim for a mix of underground and popular tunes, or use a theme to order your playlist.


Spring for your favorite chocolates and wrap in a simple box or gift bag. Mix dark, milk, and nutty varieties — a sweet secret for tempting any craving!

Dessert from scratch

If you’re a star baker or a novice who can follow a recipe, bring over a homemade treat for your hosts. Don’t be offended if they don’t serve it at the party – they may want to keep it all for themselves.

Gourmet coffee

Wrap and bring a bag of your favorite ground coffee for your hosts. Present it in a simple gift bag or add a bow and a handmade thank-you card.

Scented sugar

Fill clean, unused glass jars with sugar and tuck in a stem of vanilla or a cinnamon stick and seal tightly. Your hosts will love sprinkling this into their morning coffee or on their morning toast. Present your confection with a small scoop, looped with a ribbon you can wrap around the jar.


Make your own notecards or purchase a boxed set from the store. Stock up on this unique gift idea by shopping for high-end cards at discount and overstock stores.

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