10 Romance Novelists Tips for Valentine’s Day

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“Think scavenger hunts are only for kids? Then think again! This Valentine’s Day surprise your loved one with a succession of sticky notes containing coded clues for a special gift or outing. My husband does this often, and not only do I love the anticipation of finding the “gift,” but the discovering is especially fun!”


~ Tamera Alexander, USA Today bestselling author of To Whisper Her Name (Zondervan) and A Lasting Impression (Bethany House)


“They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so maybe that’s why Ken and my Valentine tradition has always involved pink-frosted sugar cookies. We’ll soon celebrate our 40th Valentine’s Day as sweethearts, and I’ve already bought the powdered sugar and heart-shaped sprinkles.”


~ Deborah Raney, author of The Hanover Falls novels (Howard/Simon & Schuster)


“Why not time travel with your sweetie for Valentine’s Day? Pick up an eighties (or seventies, sixties… depending on your era) movie, download some classic tunes. Gather appropriate clothing. Scatter photos and mementos around the house. Laugh, love, and enjoy the memories!”


~ Lisa Wingate, author of Firefly Island and Blue Moon Bay (Bethany House), a Booklist Top 10 of 2012


“Instead of the noise of the holiday and the cliché gifts, take time to be quiet together. Just be. Order in. Watch a movie. Offer a foot massage. Now that’s true love. My husband says his favorite thing is just being with me. I’ve come to value and treasure those quiet moments where no words are needed but love abounds.”


~ Rachel Hauck, author of The Wedding Dress (Thomas Nelson)


“Sometimes people forget that romance takes a bit of effort. So shake things up. Start a new tradition instead of following an old one. Surprise your sweetheart by doing something totally unexpected. One of my favorite Valentine’s gifts from my husband didn’t cost a lot but was so completely unexpected that––more than twenty years later––I’ve never forgotten it.”


~ Robin Lee Hatcher, bestselling author of Heart of Gold (Thomas Nelson) and Betrayal



“Tailor your Valentine’s gift to your sweetheart! Does your loved one appreciate words of affection? Write a poem or love letter. Does your sweetie value time together? Schedule a special date or romantic weekend. If presents make your beloved light up, buy a gift and wrap it up. Unwrapping it is half the fun!”


~ Denise Hunter, bestselling author of The Trouble with Cowboys (Thomas Nelson)


“When my husband, Mel, and I want to share special closeness on Valentine’s Day, we take a drive and listen to a good marriage enrichment book on DVD. It isn’t long before we’re switching off the player to discuss ways we can better enjoy one another’s company even after 17 years of marriage.”


~ Hannah Alexander, author of Eye of the Storm (Love Inspired)


“Instead of going out on Valentines Day, prepare a picnic dinner and share it at home in a special place, like in front of a cozy fire. Make a list of 14 things you will do this year as a couple that you’ve never done before, like go kayaking, or attend dance class, or eat dessert first for a week.”


~ Susan Meissner, author of The Girl in The Glass (WaterBrook Press)


“The trick to surviving Valentine’s Day is not to make a big deal out of a husband’s success or failure. I adopted this mindset the year my husband gave me a pretty bouquet and said, “I decided to give you flowers instead of candy because you don’t need the calories.” We’ve been married 36 (mostly) blissful years.”


~ Mary Connealy, author of Romantic Comedies with Cowboys (Bethany House)


“If I want to rekindle romance in my marriage, I remind myself of the reasons I like my spouse, and I tell him. Not only does it keep his good qualities in my mind (instead of his annoying ones), but it reminds my husband that I enjoy him.”


~ Susan May Warren, bestselling author of Duchess (Summerside Press)