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How Technology is Changing the Restaurant Industry

Technology touches every facet of our lives – as it always has – but with the emergence of mobile devices and cloud computing making more of an impact than ever, you’d be hard-pressed to go anywhere and not find a high-tech piece of hardware or software around. These advances have made an impact everywhere, and…


Restaurant Trends

Like fashion, restaurants have trends and fads that ebb and flow with time- recall the roller-skating waitresses at drive-in diners during the 1950s or the servers sporting excessive flair and suspenders during the early 2000s. Some restaurant trends never go out of style – like saving customers money, food safety. Other trends are newer, including…


America’s 10 Oldest Restaurants

I found this article very interesting and wanted to share it with my dining friends and readers.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. ~Carla  Old ’76 House Tappan, New York “The oldest dining room in America” is how owner Robert Norden, 49, describes the Dutch tavern, built in 1686. Diners savor blueclaw…